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Cheryl Diana reviewed Wu-Yi Taekwondo
via Facebook

My son enjoys being part of the Wu-Yi Taekwondo Academy. In the 5 months since he’s joined, I have noticed he has more confidence in himself & his behaviour at home has improved. The instructors are wonderful with the kids & very supportive.

Melissa Hendriks reviewed Wu-Yi Taekwondo
via Facebook

My daughter loves going to taekwondo here. She is learning so much and she is learning to be more confident in herself as she’s noticing she’s able to do more than she thought she could. Thank you for making her feel like she can accomplish anything.

Satish Chandran reviewed Wu-Yi Taekwondo
via Facebook

My daughter loves going to Wu Yi taekwondo academy. She would not want to miss even a single class. The academy is more than just learning Martial Arts. They also learn life skills, descipline, self control, mental strength, courtesy and respect. The instructors are very dedicated and helpful and attend to kids based on their level of understanding and comfort. The weekly review system allows parent to interact with the instructors periodically and keep track of kids progress. Big kudos to Justin, Jonathan, Epson and Erick for their exception support and good work.

Kathleen Powroznik reviewed Wu-Yi Taekwondo
via Facebook

My daughter enjoys her classes and is progressing! She has been in this class for almost 10 months and is very excited to come every day. I like the multiple teachers and all of the teachers are willing to help. She is learning discipline, focus and gaining strength. She doesn’t want to miss a class for anything. She has become a very strong willed little girl and I can thank her teachers at Wu-Yi Taekwondo. Her self control and confidence are growing tremendously. The fundamental skills of kicking and punching for self defence and the ethics they teach the children are very important for them to learn. The teachers review with the children lots and include fun games after the child focus for a long time. I am happy that they do the stamina training. This is very beneficial to my daughters health and well being. I hope she is able to stay within this program until she completes her training.

Coy Guerrero reviewed Wu-Yi Taekwondo
via Facebook

My son has always had issues with his self-esteem. Ever since enrolling at Wu-Yi Taekwondo Academy he's been slowly but surely building up his confidence; enough at least to learn that failing isn't necessarily a bad thing; and that everything worth acheiving requires hard work. Today (literally) he's putting together a band with his classmates to perform at a talent show later this month - which I never would've thought he could do. I attribute his new found confidence with the discipline, encouragement, and positive reinforcement he gets from his Masters at Wu-Yi Taekwondo Academy.

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What is Taekwondo? Definitive Answer


What is Taekwondo? It’s a modern martial art, known for its fast, high and spinning kicks.
People have many different interpretations of the name taekwondo. But taekwondo is often interpreted as ‘the way of hand and foot’.

What is the origin of the word “taekwondo”?

The sport had been founded in Korea and is now one of the more popular modern martial arts.

What is Taekwondo famous for?

Taekwondo is famed for the use of kicking techniques. These techniques are the ones that distinguish it from other forms of martial arts such as karate or certain southern styles of Kung Fu.

The basis is that the leg is the longest and strongest weapon a martial artist has, and kicks, therefore, have the greatest potential to strike without retaliation.

Taekwondo as a sport and exercise is very popular among both sexes and of many ages. Physically, Taekwondo builds up strength, speed, balance, flexibility, and stamina.

Both physical mastery of the technique and the concentration is essential to be able to focus on one’s strength. An example of this union of mental and physical discipline is the breaking of boards.

Courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit are the five tenets of Taekwondo. They reflect that Taekwondo is a mental discipline as well as a physical one.

What are the disciplines of Taekwondo?

The four disciplines of Taekwondo are patterns, sparring, self-defence and break test. It is a mixture of these four disciplines that makes the art called Taekwondo.

What are the objectives of taekwondo?

1. To develop an appreciation for taekwondo as a sport and as an art.

2. To achieve physical fitness through positive participation.

3. To improve mental discipline and emotional equanimity.

4. To learn self-defence abilities.

5. To develop a sense of responsibility for oneself and others.

Taekwondo helps students develop improved awareness, confidence, focus, discipline, memory, and respect. Some schools even have student creeds or oaths that describe Taekwondo’s goals for personal improvement.

Stretching during warm-ups is one-way Taekwondo develops flexibility.

Although each Taekwondo club or school will be different, a Taekwondo student can typically expect to take part in most or all of the following:

Some Taekwondo instructors also include the use of pressure points as well as self-defence techniques derived from other Korean arts such as Hapkido and Yudo.

Is Taekwondo dangerous?

Even though taekwondo is a full-contact sport where it is allowed to kick to the head, it is not considered dangerous to practice. There is no need to actually win during training.

During competitions, full protection is used to shield the competitors.

To avoid head injuries, competitors are not allowed to take part in a competition for a couple of months they were knocked out by a kick to the head. If the same incident happens again after those months, they will not be allowed to participate for half a year.

Is Taekwondo for you?

When you set your mind into practice the teachings and the disciplines of taekwondo, there is no stopping you from being a master of this craft.